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What Our Clients Have To Say

I was thrilled with the pieces I received!

Unique and beautiful clothing packed so elegantly!

Every woman should have this experience.

Looking forward to building my wardrobe with Styld!

Thank You Keshni!

Ajita, Dietician

Ajita, Dietician

Keshni was made for this!

She does it with so much professionalism and care.

From the moment you complete your profile to when you receive the package,

the attention to detail is exceptional and you feel like a fashion mogul with some change to spare!

Namhla, Executive Manager Aviation

Namhla, Executive Manager Aviation

Styld comes highly recommended, they manage to find the most stylish outfit for any occasion.

Every time I have worn a Styld ensemble I have felt like the most glamorous person in the room!

Love the convenience of the service and the quality never disappoints!

Meagan, Director & Explosives Engineer

Meagan, Director & Explosives Engineer

January 2017

Styld is my new best friend.

Its professional, quick and easy and gets you a new wardrobe in a flash.

I loved the experience and the dedication of the team.

Exchanges are easy peezy.

Styld is amazing!

Sureeka, BEE specialist

Sureeka, BEE specialist

March 2017

I absolutely love Styld and working with Keshni.

I was looking to create a capsule work wardrobe and she picked out the perfect styles for me- versatile, beautiful and excellent quality.

I am not a big fan of shopping (especially during peak hours) and Styld is the perfect remedy for me.

I got to try on all my clothes in the comfort of my home, without having to step foot in a store.

I would highly recommend their services and I will most definitely be using them again.

Reenu, Executive Head

Reenu, Executive Head

STYLD…the most efficient way to shop hassle free.

Clothing according to my fashion style delivered to my door.

When I received my first box I was in awe with surprise, items in loved without the agony of walking shop to shop.

STYLD gives me more time to make memories with my family.

I don’t have to shop for clothes be it a cocktail party or an important business meeting.


Priya, Advocate

Priya, Advocate

February 2017
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