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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up to Styld?

Sign up using your email address or social login details.

How does Styld work?

Begin by compiling your Styld Profile.

  • Tell us about yourself through our style quiz (remember, the more you tell us, the better we can style you!)
  • Choose your package
  • Try on the items sent to you
  • Keep what you like and return the rest

How does Styld differ from online shopping and retail stores?

  • You have the luxury of a personal stylist at a fraction of the cost. Your bedroom becomes a fitting room where you can try on items at your own leisure and see how they complement the rest of your wardrobe.
  • You don’t have to spend time browsing online retail sites only to be disappointed by the low quality of items delivered.
  • You can avoid the hassle of rummaging through racks in busy shops, queueing up for ages just to pay, and later having to return the items that don’t fit.
  • You get to know and love local design talent and the great quality they produce.

How does Styld differ from traditional personal styling services?

  • We focus mainly on the busy individual who doesn’t have the time to shop, let alone meet a style or image consultant
  • The service specialises in curating items based on your Styld Profile and then delivering those items to your doorstep
  • We are available should you required traditional styling services – just drop us an email to enquire Hello@styld.co.za

I’m experiencing technical difficulties on the Styld website. What should I do?

Notify us via the Contact Us page or email us. Tell us what you were doing when things stopped working and if possible, include screen shots that replicate the problem.

Billing & payment

How will I be billed?

Your credit card charged at time of placing the order with the amount selected as your budget and a order loaded against your account. Items selected for your Styld Surprise will be deducted from the credit. Any remaining credit from the budget and credits for items returned will be refunded to your credit card (Ts&Cs apply) or loaded as a store credit.

How much does a Styld Surprise cost?

There are 3 components to each Styld Surprise

  1. There is a standard Stylist fee which forms part of your budget. Hint – The more often you order, the lower the stylist fee.
  2. The clothing and accessories which are selected for you.We cater for wardrobe staples like denim, sweaters, shirts, etc. ranging from R300 to R2,500. Coats, jackets, suits and other seasonal essentials start at about R2,000. Accessories range from R250 to R3,000.
  3. Courier costs – we provide free courier within Gauteng. Courier costs nationally will vary dependent on your location. This will be calculated prior to dispatch. We get several quotes to ensure the best price is attained so you spend more on the clothes and accessories you purchase.

Do I have to keep all items in my Styld Surprise?

No! If, within 5 days of receipt, you would like to return any items, send us an email requesting a pickup. Kindly specify which items are being returned with a reason for the return. Your candid feedback will allow us to improve our future selections for you and others. Note that items returned must meet the return policy in order to qualify for a refund or credit.

Are there any service fees for using Styld?

Yes, a basic stylist fee will be charged for each delivery. The more frequently you choose to receive a Styld Surprise, the lower your Stylist fee!

Which payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made with a credit card or via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) via our integrated payment gateway, on placement of your order. Unfortunately, due to fraud, we do not accept cheques or CODs.

More payment channels will be introduced in future.

When will my credit card be charged?

We will charge your credit card with the budget amount you have provided when placing the order. For recurring orders, your credit card will be billed on the due date of the next delivery.

How secure is your site and is my information protected?

Styld uses high-tech and secure encryption to ensure that your personal details are kept confidential. We do not store any credit card details as we make use of accredited payment gateways to provide a safer online shopping experience and to protect the financial safety of our clients. For more information, please read our Privacy Statement.

Shipping & delivery

When will I received my first Styld Surprise?

Your Styld Surprise will be delivered with 7 working days from receiving payment for your order. Should you require it sooner, please email us to request. Where possible, we will try our best to accommodate. Surcharges may apply.

Which areas within South Africa does Styld deliver to?

We offer nationwide delivery.

How much does shipping cost?

Courier costs nationally will vary dependent on your location. This will be calculated prior to dispatch. We get several quotes to ensure the best price is attained. Returns are free.

Do you deliver on weekends on public holidays?

Unfortunately not. Should you require delivery on a weekend or public holiday, a surcharge will apply. This will be determined by the courier who is able to accommodate your request. We cannot guarantee delivery as we are dependent on our logistics partners to ensure timeliness and efficiency.

How often will I get a Styld Surprise?

As often as you like! You select how many times a month or year you would like new items delivered to your door. Keep in mind that your stylist needs at least 7 working days lead time to find your unique pieces!

Style enquiries

Do you keep maternity wear?

We plan to accommodate expectant mums in the near future.

What kind of clothes does Styld carry?

We cater to all tastes and style profiles with casual and smart-casual clothes, basics, outerwear and work attire. We also offer accessories, including bags, to compliment your outfits. We intend on  shoes in the near future. If there are any special requests, please let us know and we will make a plan where possible!

Will I get to see the items before I receive my shipment?

Receiving a Styld shipment is like receiving a handpicked surprise gift every month.  You will therefore not be able to view the clothes until they arrive at your door. There may be items which you would never have chosen yourself and we would like you try it out…you might just surprise yourself with how good you look! We do aim to please, so if you are dissatisfied with the pieces sent to you, please tell us why, so that we can improve our selection in future.

How much time do I have to try on the items?

You have 5 days from the date of receipt to try on the items. Should you want to return anything, an email with the details of items to be returned and a pick up address must be sent to us within this period. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late requests.

Is there a store I can come into to try on outfits?

You are more than welcome to make an appointment at our Styld Studio on Saxby to try on items pre-selected by your stylist. Please check out our studio website for more information.

Can I contact the stylist?

Yes, you may contact a stylist at any time using the ‘Contact us’ form or send us an email instead.

Can I request a specific stylist?

Yes you may request a specific stylist, however, we cannot always guarantee the availability of that stylist due to their work schedules and the number of clients they service.

What sizes do you stock?

For ladies we keep sizes 6 – 20.

For men we keep Small to X-Large.

How do I select my size?

Simply log in to your account and select the correct sizing options on your Style Profile page.
Please update your Style Profile page if your size changes.

Do you offer styling services for men, teenagers and children?

We do provide styling services for men. See the Styld for men site for more information.

Do you cater for petite sizing?

Yes, we keep sizes 6 – 10 suitable for petite women.

Do you cater for plus sizes?

Yes, we cater up to size 20 for plus-size women.

Do you alter clothing as required?

Yes, we do at a small fee. However, once done, items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Refunds & exchanges

Can I wear the clothes and then send them back?

You may try on the clothes to test the fit and see how it feels and looks, but please don’t wear them unless you intend on keeping them. Any items that have been worn, damaged or have the tags removed will be not be exchanged or refunded.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in to your account and change this setting under your subscriptions page. Alternatively send us an email.

How do I return items?

Please send us an email to arrange a pickup. Please tell us why you are returning the garment so we can improve offerings and services. Don’t forget to specify pick-up-address and preferred time! Note: Items returned must meet the return policy in order to qualify for a refund or credit.

Once all info is received, our courier company will contact you to arrange a pickup date and time.

Can I return altered items?

Unfortunately not. Items fully altered to your requirements cannot be exchanged, returned or refunded.

How long does it take to get a refund?

Once we’ve ensured that the returned items have not been worn, damaged or have missing tags, your refund will be processed within 24 hours. Should we find there was a breach in the return policy, courier costs to return items to you will be deducted from any credit, or charged to your account.

Is the styling fee refunded if I return all items sent to me?

No, this is a standard, non-refundable service fee.

Where can I view my purchases?

Log in to your account and check under ‘Subscriptions’.

Styld Gift Cards

How do I purchase a Styld Gift Card

You can purchase a Styld Gift Card via your account page once you have logged in. If you are not a customer and do not want to register as a customer, please contact us via email with the name of the recipient, the value of the gift card and their contact details.

Can I get a refund for a Styld Gift card?

No, Styld Gift Cards are non-refundable, but they are transferable.

How do I redeem my Styld Gift Card?

For existing customers:

  • Log into your account, update your Styld Profile and shipping details. Redeem your voucher on checkout.

For new customers:

  • Register on the website, via the register link and complete your Styld Profile. Redeem your voucher on checkout.


If I don't like the items sent to me, can I get a cash refund when using a Styld Gift Card for payment?

Unfortunately not, you will receive a store credit for items returned which meet the returns policy. The stylist fee is non-refundable.

Is the styling fee refunded if I return all items sent to me?

No, this is a standard, non-refundable service fee.