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Our studio in Eldoraigne, Centurion offers image consulting services – for men and women – that will help you reinvent yourself. Let our stylists create a new you that looks and feels great! Come in for a makeover, get a style & color analysis or try on clothing selected just for you.

We can still help transform you even if Centurion is too far for you to travel. Choose to have a custom Styld Surprise Fashion Box arranged and sent to you by one of our stylists or take one of our Virtual Stylists with you next time you go shopping. Great fashion advice is only as far away as your smartphone.

Your Image is your asset

1. Total Makeover

The makeover process

Your makeover session starts with designing your personal style and ends with a photo shoot and a wardrobe full of new, ready-to-wear outfits that enhance your personal brand.

Deciding if this is right for you

Are you ready to take your confidence and style to the next level? If you’re not up for the confidence boost, the flood of compliments and the whiplash you will be the cause of, this is probably not for you.

We’re looking for ladies and gents who value themselves, their time and understand that their image is a valuable asset and the foundation of your personal brand.

What you'll learn

What looks great on you – from the right cut and style of clothing to the colours you wear, the best hairstyles and accessories to enhance your natural assets. For the ladies we explore makeup essentials and for the gents, grooming.


2. Style & Colour Analysis

What can you expect?

In your 2-hour session with a qualified image consultant, you will be measured from head to toe, then “draped” to determine the best cuts of clothing and the ideal colours to suit your body shape, size and look you want to achieve.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If you love shopping, but spend too much money on clothing that hangs in your closet, unworn, then this is for you. By knowing what will suit you and enhance your image, we can save you time and money . . . and you will always look fabulous.


3. Virtual Stylist

Styling Process

Whether you are shopping at a mall during a lunch break or on the other side of the world, your stylist will be available to help you choose the most flattering outfits. All you need is a smart phone, whatsapp and some data!

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If you’re looking for an expert opinion to help you make the right choices when it comes to looking great, Styld is perfect. We will be on call to provide advice and suggestions while you shop.


If you are subscribed to our Styld Surprise fashion box, this service is free to you! Just let us know when you plan to go shopping and we will make sure that someone is available to advise you.


4. Special Occasion Styling

What can you expect?

Some occasions are more special than others. Our team of stylists is here to make those most important days memorable by ensuring that your clothing, hair and makeup are perfect so you look your best in all the photos!

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