In-Studio Clothes Shopping
In-Studio Clothes Shopping

In-Studio Clothes Shopping

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We would love to close our studio to everyone but you! We ignite all your sense from the time you step into our closet. Welcomed by your personal stylist, serving tea, coffee or bubbly, you will have a selection of clothes ready to try on.  

Experience the luxury of trying on items from various local & international designers in the comfort of our Studio. No traffic, no queues, no hassle to get a new Styld you!

Simply provide your stylist with this info:

  1. Your Measurements
  2. Your Shoe Size
  3. Lifestyle info (what you do for work and play)
  4. Your Budget
  5. Photos of Yourself

    Your stylist will take this information then create a new wardrobe plan for you.

    Who knew it could be so easy to be stylish?

    Complete your style profile here:


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