We help people build strong personal brands through the clothing they wear. We support local talent by working with and sourcing local designer brands. Our clients work one–on–one with personal stylists to find garments for their profession, budget and lifestyle, couriered to their doorstep.
It’s no secret that employees embody the brand of the organisations their represent. What they wear has a large impact on their personal success and that of the company. This is why we started Styld for Business, an incentive program that benefits employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and more. Whether you’re starting from scratch or updating your existing perks, we can build a program that suits the needs of your business.


An innovative incentive program like this benefits the employee and the company. Working with our stylists, employees build more professional wardrobes, resulting in a more confident high performer.
How this partnership benefits the organisation

We make life easier!

Improve Performance
Increase employee performance through elevation of workplace culture.

Strengthen Brand
Leave a professional, lasting impression with customers and other strategic stakeholders.

Highlight and reward valued behaviours while improving trust, loyalty and morale at every level of the company.

Differentiated employee perks
Set yourself apart from your competition with unique perks that attract forward thinking, self driven, top-tier talent.

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